Have you ever felt that you are mentally or socially assaulted on the Internet? Did you ever have an uncomfortable sentiment about weather your private chats and information is really private, or not?

About Us

Campaign for Digital Rights is a non-governmental organization that aims to protect and fight for the digital rights of every Internet surfer, in accordance with the freedom of speech and think, rights that have been attributed to every citizen on the entire world.

At the early beginnings of Campaign for Digital Rights, only a few persons trusted the high potential that this community impact may have upon a country laws. The number of members involved in the performed actions was about 100 persons. As time passed by, and the impact over the quality of online life was felt by all web surfers, many more adhered to this movement and involved into the defending of their rights.

Meetings and Small Talks
There are several ways in which Campaign for Digital Rights members gather together and organize and plan the next actions that need to be performed to reduce the useful character of Internet stored information and to protect the private data of every web users.

All important activities are being performed as webinaries. These kind of online conferences allow the campaign members to just log on with their account on the online platform, and participate in real time at the discussions that are held. It is, already, known that the official website of Campaign for Digital Rights is www.ukcdr.com.

Developers have been struggled a lot, when they created the online seminary feature, in order to allow a higher number of persons to participate at them. As for the limited storage space and the limited computational capabilities used, only maximum 200 people may take part to the interesting discussion held by some of the most important lawyers and attorneys from all around the world.

Due to these constraints, the access to the CDR webinaries is strictly based on invitations and a limited number of reservations. Depending on each seminary, the seats available to be reserved are 20 to 50. There is a tax that must be paid in order to make the reservation.

The money spent are totally worth it, as you are able to see in action some of the best juridical persons in the entire world and you may find out about the events that are planned to be performed to reduce online decriminalization.

Principles and Fundamental Conceptions
In order to fight and defend the digital rights of every Internet user, desired to be overtaken by the secret governmental companies, in order to pursue their interests, a clear and very well-defined set of principles and conceptions has been created to protect each person’s private information.

With the ongoing growth of fake copyright material on the web, more and more people are illegally downloading music, videos and games, which are in conflict with all the real companies, which created the virtual materials and demand their copyrights. There are also free speech issues that deal with companies that offer online title loans, payday loans and other types of financing that’s not at all popular.

And this is not all! Maybe the most important motivational factor for the Campaign for Digital Rights members is the protection of the confidential data stored online. Profile information inserted on online platforms, like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, are nowadays revealed by these companies to FBI or secret agencies, which pay a lot of money in order to obtain them.

New laws are proposed by the government to be approved and introduced into the Constitution. Laws that may allow your private information to be revealed to everyone, if certain conditions are created.

Also, implications of digital rights violation can be seen on the physical device owned by you. In case you download music or movies that have been hacked and tracks of watermark are left on the data, by the company that released the information on the web, your devices playing the downloaded “products” may be critically damaged or severely affected. Another way you can see these violations is when you look at private companies and how they’re affected by new laws and regulations. Check out our latest article about copyright regulations and how they impacted a small loan company.