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The Campaign for Digital Rights is a non-governmental organization that aims to protect and fight for the digital rights of every Internet surfer, in accordance with the freedom of speech and think, rights that have been attributed to every citizen in the entire world.

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    Essential Elements Of A Successful Copyright Claim

    Most companies with a successful online marketing presence will face any number of copyright claims that must be met with due diligence on the part of that company’s legal firm. Even if the copyright claim is unfounded, there still needs to be some type of argument brought forth and most claims will need to be successfully defended in a court of law or through a 3rd party abritratror.

    The audience

    The first and the most important thing that needs to be done in a marketing campaign is to narrow down and segregate the audience. It is more like twenty percent of the entire work. It may sound simple, but you need to have a complete understanding of the product or the service that you are offering. There might be instances when the largest population can be the target. So you can categorize the audience and plan different strategies accordingly. This is often where we see DMCA abuse and overreach as most marketing experts don’t know the limits when it comes to content creation.

    The List

    Once there is a perfectly defined target, you need to get the contacts that fit the profile. First, take a look at the contacts that are easily available inside the organization. There are good possibilities that the number that you arrive at might surprise you. Especially the salespeople will have a great network which you can capitalize on. Remember that you need to build a strong relationship with these contacts. It will be of great help not just for the particular campaign but also for other campaigns in the future. Also, consider the fact that you must the long term relationship of your client in mind when looking at sales goals.

    The Value Proposition

    The only way to have a good marketing campaign is to think like the customer and not as a marketer when interpreting UKCDR requirements. Imagine you live in Austin TX and want to search for a new cable company. If you think like a customer, you will able to understand what are the problems that they are facing and how those problems can be solved. This is called the value proposition. This process provides real-time solutions to most the issues. If your product or service is able to check on the problem faced by the people, then you have provided them with the solution that they need.

    Call to action

    The Offer (Call to action)

    If you are sure that a customer is interested in purchasing things then, go that extra mile to make it happen. If possible try to offer more to people who are interested. The call to action helps you give more attention to people who are interested. Provide everything they need to provoke their interest. Openly state that they can call for any further inquiries and follow up on the initial call to action.

    The delivery method

    You might have the perfect marketing campaign plan and online delivery method. But the question is how are going to deliver it to the target audience. The truth is there is no particular answer to that question. It varies for different audiences and different campaigns. The delivery method should be given more importance in a marketing campaign. Messing it up will make the entire campaign ineffective and can subject you to copyright issues.

    The Follow Up

    There are a few instances where the follow-ups might generate more leads than that marketing campaign. Remember that it is a busy world out there. People really have no time to think about you or your service even if they require it. Hence, it is up to you to remind them that you exist and that they need you. A good follow up strategy will definitely fetch you a lot of leads.

    DMCA – How It Works And How It Is Abused?

    DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act was devised during the tenure of President Bill Clinton on October 28, 1998. The major purpose of DMCA is to update the already existing the copyright law by including and regulating the chapter of digital material. The DMCA protects the copyrights of both the owners and the consumers. It complies with WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization. It was accepted by over 50 countries in 1996. The DMCA is the result of the collaborative effort of publishers, scientists, civil right activists, and technical experts.

    Fair Use and Copyright Protections

    Fair use means the usage of the material that is copyrighted in the limited capacity. The simple example would be the use of a quote in a book or a movie in other material. In 1998 the inclusion of fair use was considered a critical victory.

    It is a known fact that content is available on the internet is the very reason why people are using the internet. Hence it is mandatory to regulate the usage of the content that is available in various open platforms. The content may refer to blogs, articles, videos, and pictures.

    Use and copyright

    The DMCA Abuse

    The Fair Use may seem like an easy way to regulate the usage of material. But generally, people do not stick on to the rules and regulations. When big money is involved which mostly happens in corporations, they use bots for the notification process. The bots flood the OSPs with different take down requests.  Google has stated that nearly 99 percent of the takedown notices are requested by the bots.

    The abuse of DMCA has created a very considerable impact on the internet as well on those who seek copyright protections. On a daily basis, the OSPs are getting millions of takedown requests. To process everything and verify the authenticity is a nerve-wracking procedure. As a result, the content is removed, and a notification of the removal is sent to the person who uploaded it.

    Avoiding DMCA Abuse

    There are only little things that you can do to avoid being the victim of DMCA abuse.  The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you perfectly follow the fair use practices. Make sure to file for counter notices if you have been wronged. If the takedown notifications exceed a specific number, then the case may end up in court. We’ve recently seen courts in Dallas and San Antonio take up multiple cases in this regard.  But there are very few instances that has ever happened. If there is not much money involved, then it is better to back down at a certain level.


    Final Thoughts On DMCA Violations & Abust

    The DMCA many came into existence because of some big production houses in Hollywood.  It was later that people who had the vision of the future brought in safe harbor and fair use. It is because of these entities that the internet is what it is today.  So there are no second thoughts on the fact that the violation of DMCA must be taken more seriously and tech giants need to come up with the solution that entirely eliminates the DMCA abuse.

    Freedom of Speech Rights For Online Companies

    Campaign for Digital Rights has always tried to support and protect the digital right of speech freedom. Actions and conferences were performed in order to convince governmental structures that every person shall have the right to express his opinion about any subject or topic that affects citizens in Florida and Georgia.

    We’ve even seen an agreement established between all social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, to never delete or restrict the access of a user’s review about any subject, except the ones set to be private by the account owner. You can say that thanks to UKCDR, you are nowadays able to leave a comment and share news on your social platform account.


    In the past, online highly privileged users were allowed to see and share their opinion about the desired subject. As time passed by, and human rights were carefully reanalyzed, it has been easy to grant this kind of access only to certain people.

    Freedom Of Speech & Online Stores Reviews

    The best example to explain this concept is the online store reviews. In the past, in order to increase their popularity online and to increase their selling based on partial reviews, online shops were allowed to the public on their websites, only the desired product reviews. Most online reviews you come across these days have been verified and confirmed by a real person at the company.

    In this case, the positive reviews were listed online, while the negative ones were simply deleted, or not listed to be available to be read by customers. In this way, fake product experiences were created and listed online to promote their objects.

    With the current implication of Campaign for Digital Rights, a specific set of laws has been created and approved, which state that every online store is required to share all public reviews on their website sections. If this requirement is to be faked, financial deductions may be applied.

    These free speech laws insertions into the Constitution seriously shattered the online community, and it can be said that it contributed to the considerable quality increase of online sold objects. Also, as faking the audit system implemented by every online store is a very difficult thing to be accomplished, the trust level of the stored information and data increased. It might finally be considered a factor in online evaluation.

    Should An Online Company Have Copyright Protections?

    There are many parts of the internet that people may not be in favor of. It’s safe to say that online lending is one area of the web that always seems to get attacked. Critics often criticize the fact that most of these companies are looking for copyright protections but operate entirely online. Politicians are quick to put in place new rules that are designed to reign in lenders. Local organizations deem it unacceptable when a consumer works with a company that’s out of state and doesn’t have in state copyright protections. Does that mean these types of companies should not have the same copyright protections as other well established businesses? This is a topic we’re going to cover more as we all move through 2022. We will have to post multiple long-form articles about this subject in September and October. In the meantime we want our readers to get more familiar with the types of companies we’re using as examples. In this instance, we are breaking down exactly a copyright works with a financial institution. We hope our readers can read these intro articles and have a better understanding of the topics at hand when we unveil our long form articles on copyright protections for different types of companies.

    While everybody would be in favor of staying away from debt, there are situations when borrowing becomes unavoidable. The increase in factory job losses, costs of living, and a harsh economy are only a couple of the reasons families are considering various loaning sources. A comparison of lenders can assist your family in getting the best rates and loan terms.

    Secured loans have a long history both offline and online and these equity loans continue to be options for borrowers with bad credit. This type of financing is different from a typical unsecured loan. With this type of high interest loan, a borrower is putting up their vehicle as collateral for a secured loan. This method of getting cash is promoted as a quick and helpful source of secured funding and quick cash. As with all types of financial institutions, there are dishonest organizations out there. Here are some factors to consider when you’re looking at copyright infringement.

    Full Service Online Companies

    Full-service companies that work entirely online recognize that a positive experience is the best kind of advertising for them. They will try to guarantee that the loan application and settlement processes are effortless and easy to understand. Rather than being yet another commodity in the Southern US that can be bought and sold.  Search for an organization that will treat you with the utmost regard and gratitude. Much like when someone applies for a bank loan or payday advance, reputable lenders are trying to win your business!

    The Difference in Stated Terms

    There is stiff competition in the secured lending business throughout the States of Florida and Georgia. The interest rate charged when you borrow money is what the loan will cost you at the end of the day. When you are looking for a loan, you’re already short of cash. This is the time when you need to be careful and prudent with money. A comparison of online companies will reveal to you the ones with the most competitive rates and terms. The security offered by your vehicle is the key thing that makes the stated terms of your loan depend on the individual state regulations and copyright protections. Don’t forget to invest time and effort in searching for the best rates among all the legitimate companies.


    Check The Experience and Longevity of the Company

    Rather than taking advantage of borrowers in difficult times, experiences make use of their experience in ensuring that the loan process is smooth and efficient. Inexperienced organizations most times don’t have the prolonged existence to have figured out how to deal with things as well as established online lenders. The process of applying for any type of loan should not entail hours of paperwork and qualifying questions. There should be a simple application process with a legitimate window of one business day when you can expect funding. In your comparison of finance companies, consider to what extent each firm has been doing business. It’s also important to know how much they know about the money lending business and how this type of financing is different from bank loans that charge a lower annual percentage rate.

    Lookout for Site Terms

    Contracts for most companies are direct and designed to contain no more fees. Your vehicle’s value is all the security the lender needs to feel safe in the knowledge that the loan will be paid back in a timely manner. When money borrowed is not repaid, the borrower will lose the vehicle, so the lender can recover the money loaned. The bottom line, most online companies have some sort of implied protection when a rival or competitor goes after their personal information.