Online Pirating

/Online Pirating

You have for sure heard about websites like or These portals allows you to download almost any kind of virtual data, from their servers directly to their computers, data that in most of the cases is corrupted and untrustworthy.

Ranging from music and all kind of movies, to even desktop applications and eBooks, everything can be found there. People are always seeking to get what they want for less money. And the virtual data available on the Internet makes no exception.

Thus, when offered free information to download, while in the real life they would be required to pay in order to get it, 99% of Internet users are proceeding with the download, without having any clue about all the malicious code written behind the front-end interface.

Fake Bank Account Credentials Platform

A common used scam method, nowadays, is the fake bank account credentials platform. This system has led to many prejudices to various persons, but probably the most worrying aspect is that the number of tricked persons is continuously increasing.

The scammers use a pre-made platform in which the user is required to introduce his bank account number, CCV2 from the back of his card and many more information about his identity. Due to the fact that usually, this system is called only when an online shop is performed, the hackers are carefully selecting their targets, online shops, while initially making pre-researches.

Small sites like wine shops, accessories shops and mixed markets are a perfect target for them. The persons that are buying things from these sites are medium ranked persons, so their level of technological skills is not very high and due to the small character of the sites, it is not in the company’s agenda to increase the security on them, thus allowing highly exploitable gaps in its structure.

Scammers are simply forwarding their specially created platform on the site, and when a payment is made online by a customer, all their information and data inserted by him will be automatically sent to their servers, thus conferring them a huge power of maneuverability.

In order to keep the suspicions at the lowest levels, the user interface scam platform has been created to reflect as truly as possible the real 3D Secure one, and after the credentials take away, a considerable amount of time is let passing by, before performing the steal of money. In this way, the chances of finding the thieves are considerably dropping down.

Advertising Scam System

Everybody knows about the annoying advertise banners that are popping up on your screen when you are opening a new browser page or when you are visiting a website. Even though you are forced to click to close them, in order to see the content you came for on the website, it is highly indicated to have a browser ad-block extension, able to block any kind of potentially malicious advertising.

In most cases this not applicable, but some certain advertise banners are just the interface to a background virus, that once clicked it may install on your personal device and record any typed information from then on. This practice is highly sought by Google to be stopped, as many users have been rioted.

Please note that massive researches have been made in order to stop and ban the existence of these advertising banners, but due to some existing laws that were created to confer them great power, it is nearly impossible to be touched. This topic is widely discussed on and you are invited to share your opinion about this subject and leave a review in which you can present your experiences with these personal information stealers, and eventually, you may propose ways to counterfeit this legal thief.