To counterfeit the negative effects that may occur as a result of a highly permissive digital information law, Campaign for Digital Rights gathered, as much as possible, specialists is juridical and technological problems, from all around the world.

With the current context of the modern era, everyone should be worried about getting his private information exposed. The increased and accentuated interest in becoming a member of CDR has never been so high, since never. Eager to defend their rights, fight for their identity and pursue the lights of a revolutionary democratic and free world, people from all countries found a target for life, at this campaign, and dedicated entirely to this project.

Public Audience Advertising

In order to let everybody know about the great campaign actions that are currently running on all possible places, a huge and widely sustained advertising company has been started by the founders of

Large actions and events took place especially on social online platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, but also manifestations took place in front of government building, a few days after they released the information that a digital rights law will be sent for approval.

Due to the high impact of Campaign for Digital Rights over the entire online community, actions performed by those members and following events were even promoted by some local televisions, in order to increase the number of members and to encourage people to adhere at fighting for their rights.

Now, that people resources are well enough, the digital rights campaign divided to fight on 2 battlefields. The first and most important one is the online territory, where copyright fakes and leak of personal information is normality nowadays, and the second battlefield is represented by the people that are really going out on the streets, on huge organized, riots, to fight and sustain the legacy of their civil rights.

Long-term commitment

For creating a strongly bounded structure inside the Campaign for Digital Rights movement, they are asking for all their members to consider a few aspects when adhering to this campaign. A long-term commitment is required in order to maintain and improve the construction ideas of the upcoming actions and truly human rights militants are promoted inside this community.

As the words say “Where is passion, there are results”, the main persons involved in this movement are continuously seeking to promote the newly entered people, by trying to create and plant the conception of work dedication and passion for what they do, right inside their brains.

Considered by many opposite direction persons to be some kind of brain wash, the truth stands somewhere between, as this lesson may have a huge impact on the instructed person, not only upon his work and contribution to the campaign’s actions, but also on his day-to-day activities and additional jobs.

Currently, Campaign for Digital Rights is looking for highly skilled persons in terms of data pirating, as many freely distributed information around the internet is specially delivered to people, to steal their personal info away from their computers and to use them in illegal activities.