Freedom of Speech

//Freedom of Speech

Campaign for Digital Rights has always tried to support and protect the digital right of speech freedom. Actions and conferences were performed in order to convince governmental structures that every person shall have the right to express his opinion about any subject or topic discussed online.

Even an agreement has been established between all social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, to never delete or restrict the access of a user’s review about any subject, except the ones set to be private by the account owner. You can say that thanks to, you are nowadays able to leave a comment and share news on your social platform account.

In the past, online highly privileged users were allowed to see and share their opinion about the desired subject. As time passed by, and human rights were carefully reanalyzed, it has been considered to be discrimination to grant this kind of access only to certain people.

Online Stores Reviews

The best example to explain this concept is the online store reviews. In the past, in order to increase their popularity online and to increase their selling based on partial reviews, online shops were allowed to public on their websites, only the desired product reviews.

In this case, the positive reviews were listed online, while the negative ones were simply deleted, or not listed to be available to be read by customers. In this way, fake product experiences were created and listed online to promote their objects.

With the current implication of Campaign for Digital Rights, a specific set of laws has been created and approved, which state that every online store is required to share all public reviews on their website sections. If this requirement is to be faked, financial deductions may be applied.

These laws insertions into the Constitution seriously shattered the online community and it can be said that it contributed to the considerable quality increase of online sold objects. Also, as faking the audit system implemented by every online store is a very difficult thing to be accomplished, the trustiness level of the stored information and data increased and it might finally be considered a factor in online evaluation.