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In order to reach Campaign for Digital Rights, you have several methods available to pursue. Wheatear you are a computer maniac, or you like to surf the web through your mobile device, or simply to read your local newspaper, all typologies are covered by this campaign marketing platform.

Online Following

Stay in touch with the latest updates and released news in terms of digital rights issues and improvements by subscribing to the CDR newsletter. It is as easy as saying “piece of cake”.

Just complete the newsletter email field with your email address and click the submit button. You are then required to validate and confirm your email account by simply clicking the provided link. You will receive so, weekly emails about all important messages to be shared and the opportunity to reserve your exclusive seat at the official webinaries and seminaries held by this campaign members.

Mobile Application Installing

The most used mean of contacting the shared information of Campaign for Digital Rights is by downloading and installing on your mobile device their official application.

In this way, you are able to read directly from your phone, all the latest news posted on the website and even receive alerts about all the planned meetings and events that are to come in your area.

For a highly accurate localization, when installing the application, you must enable the localization system on your phone. You just simply need to click the Allow button in order to allow the application to see in real time your location. This feature has been inserted for you to receive only alerts of actions performed in a range established by you, inside the application.


Campaign for Digital Rights


Lutton Street, nb. 84A


London, United Kingdom

44 (090) 811 400


44 (090) 811 500