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To gather interest of the young people passionate about defending and protecting the digital rights of every Internet user, created this special page in which are presented all the major activities and events that Campaign for Digital Rights has been performed.

Chicago, USA

It is worldwide known that USA is the country with the most online scammed people on the globe. This aspect may be due to the fast advance in the technology sector and the use of it by many unskilled persons.

In this spirit, in the Central Park of Chicago has been performed a major activity, in which over 50,000 persons protested against online crime legalization and against the lack of interest shown by the government.

Amsterdam, Holland

The second most frequented place by online hackers is Amsterdam, the city with the Red Light District. Due to the permissive laws of prostitution and drugs manufacturing and usage, many tourists are coming to this city to make their dreams come true.

A lot of online payments are processed via online transactions, as more and more companies and agencies are developing online shops, to stay in touch with the recent advantages of technology. With such a high online traffic, it is nearly impossible to avoid each seen add, or to beware of all fake transaction interfaces. Thus, a percentage of more than 30% of Internet users are affected by the leak of information.

Mumbai, India

You may think that countries, with a high percentage of its population having a poor financial situation, are a bad place to perform online attacks. This affirmation is far from being truth, as for the fact that these countries are more likely to produce a higher income for hackers than the most advanced and secured ones.

Due to the high population, of more than 12 million people, Mumbai is the perfect spot where new scam platforms can be tested, before porting them on a worldwide scale. An important factor in this case is represented by the inexistence of governmental implication in online security and the abundance of unskilled users attending to perform online transactions. Beside this, it is nearly impossible to retain the fingerprint and credentials of the hackers because of the lack of cache memory and web pages track monitoring.

More than 30,000 souls gathered here to protest in front of the Parliament building to create and adopt some laws that can force website owners to introduce stronger security policies on their domains.

The importance of these performed actions consist in alerting the official country organizations to implement stronger security policies on a national scale and to create and adopt laws that are coming to sustain this spirit of events.

Effects of these riots didn’t stop showing, as in many countries, the number of online scammed people started to decrease and official campaigns adhered to the spirit and principles brought by Campaign for Digital Rights. Advertising banners were placed on visible places and population alerts have been performed through all possible media communication channels.