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/ABOUT UKcdr.org

To counterfeit the online scams and to reduce the number of persons that have their personal information stolen from their devices, Campaign for Digital Rights has been created. Located in UK, one of the most important technological locations in the world, its base members are all the time updated with the latest improvements in terms of online security and briefed by their professional tester teams, about the possible ways to perform illegal activities.

The main principles and beliefs that are ruling the planned events and actions of this company are the decrease of online data pirating, the worldwide freedom of speech, intercultural exchange of ideas and to counter the illegal take of bank account credentials.

At the early beginnings of Campaign for Digital Rights, only a few persons trusted the high potential that this community impact may have upon a country laws. The number of members involved in the performed actions was about 100 persons. As time passed by, and the impact over the quality of online life was felt by all web surfers, many more adhered to this movement and involved into the defending of their rights.

On the other hand, an important part of their members is represented by those persons who were scammed and had their identity information stolen by malicious programs. With the hope that their values and belongings will be regained, they joined this community and they are the most passionate members from all.

As a member of this organization and a true leader in terms of meetings organization, I highly encourage you to parse all www.ukcdr.org pages and read all the available content, because you will be amazed about some mentioned information and you may even actually enjoy joining our team.

Please consider that, like in most communities, the places available now to be completed are offered for free, but as time passes by and the society’s population is continuously increasing, it is possible in the near future to be required to implement a tax membership join fee, for all new users that would like to adhere to the principles and conceptions of this state-of-the-art proposed direction.